September 16th

Suffragettes begin to be arrested on counts of ‘obstructing traffic’

Suffragettes+vs.+Police+(18) emmelinepankhurt Historic+Photos+of+Women+Voting+Throughout+the+Years+(7)Votes_for_Women

218 PROTESTORS FROM 26 STATES have been arrested and charged with “obstructing sidewalk traffic” whilst picketing outside the White House gates. This marks an increase in police action towards women campaigning for the right to vote, and it is believed the act will escalate tension.

Thousands of suffragists march past the White House in what are now almost regular demonstrations. Though permits to march are usually secured, many protesters claim they are assaulted by those in the crowd who oppose the movement. Police say attacks ranged from spitting and throwing of objects to all-out physical assaults. Many believe this escalation of hostility and violence is due to messages on suffragists’ picket signs becoming more demanding and provocative.

The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUSS) are demanding the vote for middle class property-owning women. They have been using peaceful tactics – non-violent demonstrations, petitions and the lobbying of MPs – believing that appearance of an intelligent, polite and law-abiding nature will prove women are responsible enough to participate fully in politics.

June 16th

Polaire: The New Exotic Face of Theatre!




“POLAIRE, POLAIRE, POLAIRE!” Crowds were heard screaming the name of Paris’ new star, Emilie Marie Bouchard – better known by her stage name, Polaire – as she took to the stage at Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens in Paris, France, for the final curtain call during her new play, Claudine à Paris, where she steals the title role.
Based on one of the novels in the series by Colette and Willy, Claudine à Paris follows seventeen year old Claudine as she travels from her beloved Montigny to a new life in Paris. Though she fears the drastic change at first, Claudine’s instinctive curiosity takes over, and she begins to find interesting sights and experiences all over the city. The novel takes the form of a diary, with honest entries about love and coming of age – we feel it is our duty to warn that that some readers may find the story entirely scandalous!


Polaire is rumoured to possess a 16-inch waist and corsets herself down another 2 inches to reach the enviable 14 inches!

Actress Polaire is no stranger to scandal, rousing passions with her daring ensembles, her display of a delicate ruby stud in one nostril, and her provocatively tiny waist – said to measure just fourteen inches!

Colette spoke of her dear friend – and the woman many claim is her long lost twin! – as being the only possible actress to fill the role, and praised her performance as not only sensual but with the perfect dose of honesty and humour.

Claudine à Paris is expected to extend its performance run at the Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens in Paris, France, to three months following its success. Several American theatre companies are now in talks to bring the play to our shores.

June 7th

Introducing Fauvism: The ‘Wild Beasts’ of France!

IN EUROPE A NEW SCHOOL of thought in the sphere of art has taken hold – particularly in Paris, where painter Henri Matisse has recently founded a small but dynamic collective of artists practising this form. They are calling it ‘Fauvism’, which derives from the French for ‘wild beast’. Painters of this group identify themselves through use of vivid, unblended colours, roughly applied to create flat, angular shapes with a feeling of visual compactness and intensity.

henri_matisse_red_room 8c62ccb461c57dc253b6823222a1e142

When approached for a interview, Mr. Matisse explained that Fauvism is intended to be a severe break from the traditions of impressionism, the school of thought that has governed much art in recent years. Thus the choice of title, to conjure up images of primitism, drama, and even violence. Mr. Matisse has been quoted issuing the following proclamation, that “you study, you learn, but you guard the original naïveté. It has to be within you, as desire for drink is within the drunkard or love is within the lover”. This writer hesitates to say more on the subject than this, and encourages art aficionados to speak with local gallery owners about procuring some of this new and refreshing, if controversial work.

April 21st

Ping Pong: The Best Use of Your Dining Table!

In November 1900, a woman wrote the following inquiry to her local newspaper editor:

‘An English friend concludes her letter to me with, “The boys are well and getting crazy over Ping Pong,” Won’t you please tell me what Ping Pong is, Mr. Editor?’

Thus did word of this new English game reach our shores, only several years ago!


Indeed, though the name may be silly – and other fond names for it include ‘pinker-pong’, ‘whimwham’ and perhaps the original, ‘pompom’ – it appears the old favourite of Bridge has a rival in Ping-Pong! Outside Philomenaville, the game has spread from Kansas City to New York. Enterprising businessmen have also pounced on the opportunity for profit, and you will find any number of supposedly Ping Pong ‘inspired’ cigarettes, soap, juice and even perfume.

Set up for this, the most popular of indoor amusements – essentially the game of lawn tennis in miniature – requires but an ordinary dining table, a net, two paddles and a ball. The net is a tiny one, made of gauze stretched between two uprights. The balls are made of the thinnest kind of pyroxyline material, and are consequently very light. The racquet has a slender handle and a blade with a frame about one half-inch thick, which is covered on both sides with thin, drumhead material. The play and counting are practically the same as in lawn tennis, but the player must serve underhand, and must not volley. The contact of the light ball with the drumhead racquet produces a pleasant sound, from which the name of the game derives.


Now, what does one wear to play Ping Pong? It could not be more simple and convenient to play the game wearing whatever you have on when a rosy cheeked house guest inevitably bounds up to ask, “Well, will it be Ping Pong?” This reviewer remained in her gown for dining, needing only to uplift the hem with one hand as she worked the paddle in the other. Of course one might also change into sporting clothes, but this would be a pity, as one of the joys of Ping Pong is its spontaneity – one need only clear the dining table of its silverware and have at it!


Finally, one enthusiastic fan writes that no one who has not tried Ping Pong will believe what an admirable game it is, and how much vigorous exercise it entails. So if you have never picked up a Ping Pong paddle, set your sights on one today!

April 7th, ’15

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