In the home and style section, we alternately share great finds in apparel, accessories and home decor to help you live your best Edwardian lifestyle here in Philomenaville. Recommendations are accepted at any time and will be included with the following issue. If you would like to model your outfits and/or home, please contact Fern Barker.

September 14th

Ukelele craze takes the fashionable world by storm


THE ROYAL HAWAIIAN BAND has been entertaining Honolulu residents and visitors since its inception in 1836, and now it seems everyone wants to be able to bring the magic of Hawaiian music into their own homes! Ukelele advertisements have begun appearing in newspapers and fashionable magazines across the United States mainland, targeted specifically to trendy College Men and those with a penchant for dance. Ease and fun are amongst the virtues extolled in these advertisements, with the promise that a man’s dance card would overflow within moments, did women in the vicinity know he played the ukelele.


May 16th

AGS: One week left to grab your favourite ‘Antiques’!

spring-10l-hunt-signTHE CURIOUSLY NAMED, ‘Antique’ Grid Show (many of its items seemed tailor-made, indeed a perfect fit for our times here in Philomenaville) has enjoyed a spectacular first run for Spring. Much of this is thanks to the efforts of local furniture and décor aficionado, Ms. Saraphen Calliope, who has worked tirelessly to organize and promote the event throughout the country! With only one week left to snatch up your favourite items, it’s time to gather some Lindens and a keen eye, and study our tips to get you started at AGS.

  • How to hunt

“It’s very simple,” says Ms. Calliope. “You are looking for the head of an ordinary daisy – white with a yellow center. The daisies are large and placed in neat rows along the ground leading to the AGS items. Each participating store displays an event poster with a hint to help hunters find the item.”


Fern Barker sits down for a victory rest after discovering her first hunt item – the blue chair from Nadeau Shoppe

  • Know your merchants

AGS passes through the fair town of Philomena for multiple stops and features several prominent local merchants. Each may be renowned for a different feature or expertise – some are skilled in textiles, others in ease of use, and so on. Know what you like and have an idea of how the items will fit in your home!

What critics are saying about the Antique Grid Show:

“…A host of merchant names synonymous with excellence.”

“Wonderful, can’t-do-without items for your home!“

“The creators for this hunt are tops… and the creations they present for you are outstanding.

  • Stay up-to-date

Ms. Calliope urges all those interested in the current show as well as future events and updates to subscribe to the magazine and join the official AGS group (search ‘Antique Grid Show’).


Tackling the humorous racing track set up by participant Addison Leigh


“Psst, kid, I’ll give you 5L$ for a hint?”

Happy hunting!

The Antique Grid Show Spring 10L Hunt runs May 9th – 23rd and the trail starts here.

April 21st

Our very first men’s fashion feature presents for your keen sartorial eye a suit that is fitting for cigars at your favourite gentlemen’s club and dinner in the evening afterwards, as well as a sporting outfit that would also do well at an afternoon tea.

Three-piece suit with accessories

Suit – Kent Voyager in Black/Maroon – LYZ (Hat, scarf, shoes, gloves all included, two colors by way of HUD)

MensFeature1_008 MensFeature1_007 MensFeature1_005

Sporting outfit

Flat cap, shoes – Part of the Kent Voyager Suit – LYZ

Knotted sweater – Shoulder Knit Off White – ::K:: (Kindly note, sizes run small)

Shirt and waistcoat – Herringbone Collection – APHORISM

Jodhpurs – Buttoned jodhpurs, plain linen – ::K::


MensFeature1_004 MensFeature1_003

April 7th

Today we present a prim day ensemble that is perfect for a stroll in the Philomena Park Pavilion, as well as a modern evening look for the more daring amongst us. NEXT WEEK: Men’s fashion picks!

Blouse and skirt with accessories

Hair – A&A Shirley Anne Hair Available in Philomenaville!

Blouse/skirt outfit – Umikoh Mesh Victorian Dress (You’ll receive a full range of colours in the package)

Fobbed pocketwatch – CFF Fobbed Watch Austere

Parasol – Junbug The Princess’s Toy Rose Frills




Taupe gown with accessories

Hair – A&A Shirley Anne Hair Available in Philomenaville!

Gown – 2Chez Olivia Taupe Gown (comes with non-period appropriate Slink high heels)

Tippet – COCO Fur Tippet and Pearls (SLURL to be updated soonest)

Necklace – Jacquemin Collier d’Apollo

Gloves – Armoire Esmeralda Gloves (this comes as an entire outfit) Available in Philomenaville!





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