Whether you have something to sell, are looking to buy, or would like to announce a notice, the Classifieds section is here to serve your needs. Simply contact Fern Barker to place an ad at just L$5 per word (minimum 8 words). Picture advertisements are also welcome, at only L$30 per ad.

October 2nd


(Click photo to contact, or this link.)

September 9th

The Philomena Herald seeks columnists and photographers. All references will be considered. Mail your inquiries to The Herald, addressed to V. F. Barker.

Philomena Suffragette Society (PSS) seeks dedicated women to develop various paraphernalia such as Campaign Badges, Banners, Protest Signage, et cetera, for the purposes of rallies and other PSS events. Interested parties to approach Ms. Jeaniesing Trilling or Ms. Sere Timeless.

Street sweepers needed for the Autumn months of September through early November. Apply at Town Hall.


June 7th

The Philomena Herald seeks rumor-mongers and advice columnists!

Do you have your ear to the ground like our Native American Indian friends? Are you a frequent tea party host who is conveniently in the loop about your fellow residents? Are you always the first to know of the latest courting couples or scandalous stories?

Or perhaps that is not you. Perhaps you are a caring and conscientious sort instead – always ready to lend a shoulder to cry on, or a sage word of advice to the distraught or reckless?

If either of these profiles fits you, speak to the Editor at the Philomena Herald today! Staff positions have recently opened up for the Rumor Mill column and the Miss Amore romantic advice column. Send your résumé and make an appointment to be interviewed, and you could be on your way to a rewarding career in journalism!

May 9th


(Click image to arrive at the shop)

April 12th

The Philomena Constabulary are very interested in any and all information about a person seen heading down the Park Avenue on the afternoon of Saturday the eleventh. The person in question is known to have worn a dark coat and was seen carrying a rolled up carpet.

We would also like to know about any people believed to be missing; please contact Constable Furlgrim with any information you might have.


– Constable R. O. Furlgrim

April 7th

Lost daughter searching for her missing sire, last seen winter 1902, near the church of St. Philomena in Wellington County.  Please contact Amanda Zurivost with pertinent information.


March 14th



The Philomena Herald seeks news, opinions, stories and photographs from civic minded townsfolk. Contact Miss Fern Barker with your drafts and finest works alike. Rumors, jokes and other frivolities will also be considered.


THE NEW OFFICES of the Philomena Herald are now located at 115 Valley Avenue. Kindly direct all future correspondences to this address, as all mail is now being forwarded here.

RESIDENTS ARE REMINDED to avoid the use of ‘full bright’ articles within their homes for fear of widespread exposure to possible life-threatening vapors and such.

LOCAL CARRIAGE SERVICES are available once more, after a short hiatus. Residents and travellers seeking transportation may approach Ms. Tabbicat Duskwalker. She offers horse-drawn carriage tours around town whenever she is in the neighborhood. Interested parties might make their way to the livery stable for a taxi or tour.

March 8th


PHILOMENA HAS BEEN INVITED to be a destination posted at the Community Cultural Hub at Whole Brain Health. The Cultural Hub is overseen by Ewan Bonham and Starlight.  It was developed through the collaborative efforts of the University in Southeastern United States and the support of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education group in Second Life to promote ease of teleporting to community and cultural sims. We are listed among the historical regions; with the likes of Rocca Sorrentina and 1920s Berlin among others.  You can visit the location of the Cultural Hub at its home on Inspiration Island.

THE HILLSIDE PLAYERS theater company is holding open auditions for spring performance projects. Included in upcoming performance possibilities are at least one serious dramatic production and some kind of regular but light and informal vaudeville entertainment. There is some possibility of performing in other cities, as well as regular nights at the Park Theater. If interested please contact Dee Wells by dropping a notecard into the mailbox in the lobby at the Park Theater, on the corner of Park and Alder.


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