Founder’s Day Cart Sale is Open !!

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The Cart Sale kicks off today and only runs through Sunday night. Also, many merchants have additional sale items in their shops so be sure to make the rounds.  Get those shoes on and grab the goodies !


Merchant’s Choice and Founder’s Day Cart Sale

Just a reminder that the Merchant’s Choice this week has some new items added and will coincide with the Founder’s Day events. The merchants of Philomena are having a cart sale which runs from March 27-29. Look for the stalls around the square but be sure to visit each store to see what great creations are waiting to be carried home.  Happy Founder’s Day everyone !

The Herald is changing!

Our keen Herald-reading Philomenians would have already noted that their favourite newspaper is undergoing rather an upheaval of layout and content. During this process, the editor and staff encourage our readers to check back frequently for exciting additions to the paper, as well as news items being added to their respective sections as we go along. Thank you, and continue enjoying the Herald!

Chat Discussion for the Book Club Feb. 22nd

Discussion for Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Chapters 5 through 8

Snapshot _ Town of Philomena, Bruda Plateau (5, 31, 57) - Moder

Patti (toolips123): so let’s begin!
lots of changes for Sister Carrie this time

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Big time

Patti (toolips123): not sure how I feel about it
We had that quote last week…

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Do you think she is naive?

Everilda (everildaross): I don’t get that impression – she certainly appears to have an innate sense of dangers

Patti (toolips123): “either she falls into saving hands and becomes better, or she rapidly assumes the cosmopolitan standard of virtue and becomes worse.”

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): I get a lot of the same things I get watching “Stret Car Named Desire”  Carrie as the interloper into the Hanson Household.  She is also dependent of the kindness of strangers

Patti (toolips123): good point Red

Everilda (everildaross): well she doesn’t get much kindness from her own family

Patti (toolips123): I feel she has desires and wants that she’s going to make happen
indeed not Everilda

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Her family is quite cold actually
She is young and wants to have a life

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): She is in a spirit breaking mill/factory job and she wants something more

Patti (toolips123): and a bit calculating…they seem to see her only as income

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Yes

Patti (toolips123): and when she becomes ill and loses her job…they start thinking about pushing her out

Everilda (everildaross): I thought a key thing to the chapter is that the city catches her imagination while her sister and brother in law are ground down by it

Patti (toolips123): good thought 🙂

Everilda (everildaross): they lack imagination

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): What I found odd is, that they would let her go out in that weather without a jacket and shoes

Patti (toolips123): she is a different sort of person

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Could Minnie have not loaned her something? Surely, she could have

Patti (toolips123): you’re right
I never thought of that

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): And… If she needed shoes, what was she wearing prior?

Patti (toolips123): something inappropriate I’m sure

Everilda (everildaross): there were various references to the fact they just didn’t see her. I think it was the change in weather that made the change of shoes necessary

Patti (toolips123): something well worn
she was not prepared for the winter
which can be pretty windy and harsh in Chicago

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): She walks the streets alone and they don’t tell her of the danger

Everilda (everildaross): Strange though as presumably where she lived before would have had similar weather

Patti (toolips123): I don’t think they prepared her for much of anything
they just expect
interesting Everilda
it does tell of the town…
let’s see if I can find that

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I found it odd, that when she first arrived they did not take her out and show her where what was

Everilda (everildaross): I don’t think they thought of her as a person to be cared for more as a means of income. Most people I know on having a relative to stay looking for work would at least have tried to find then a job opportunity. The town was columbiia city I think

Patti (toolips123): thank you
there are many Columbia Cities but I am guessing it may be the one in Indiana

Everilda (everildaross): Judging by the train journey and the towns mentioned that would be likely I think

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): was not much of a welcome, no hugs or catching up on family news.  It seems as if innie has had the spirit taken from her and she is just an automaton to do the house work

Patti (toolips123): yes, a worn down family
not much interested in her well-being or happiness

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I think she does exactly as her husband wishes her to

Patti (toolips123): and 4 dollars when she is only making 4.50 seems like a lot to me
agreed Ivy

Everilda (everildaross): I thought the husband was the real problem – the comment about his mental expressions happened without “physical expression” and also quite amused that the only real animation is when he jumps out of bed on getting the news that Carrie has left

Patti (toolips123): nods
I agree

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): He also didn’t seem to really interact with carrie. He told Minnie everything to convey.

Patti (toolips123): yes, those kind of family interactions can be very uncomfortable…it’s almost like Carrie is a non-person

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): so much for a war family life no accounts of family meals at the apartment ofr of a breakfast in the mornings

Everilda (everildaross): I think the thing to remember is that they are not being cruel to Carrie that is how they see everyone
including themselves

Patti (toolips123): yes
it’s how they live
Hello Starlight 🙂 Welcome
Hello Timlight 🙂 glad to have you both here

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Remember the thought that Carrie had about no one came to visit them.

StarLight (Jasmine Lordenwych): we have never been before, I hope you don’t mind if we join you

Patti (toolips123): you are most welcome

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): It is lovely that you join us

Patti (toolips123): Yes, Ivy
no visitors to the household, no entertainment! The theater was out of the question

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): Work, eat, sleep

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Exactly, and how old is she, 18?

Patti (toolips123): yes Red

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Her sister was 27, that is a big difference in age. I wonder if there are other siblings.
What do you think of her new living arrangements?

Patti (toolips123): so much is expected of her
yes, let’s talk about that
what do you think about Drouet?

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I think he is going to want payment of some kind

Patti (toolips123): I thought it funny that he’s a traveling salesman!
of all the stories involving traveling salesmen lol

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): what does he sell, did it say?

Patti (toolips123): hmm…it named his company

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): Right now I think of him as a pimp who is going to lead her into a life of degradation and shame

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): That is why I thought her naive. I think she is clueless to where it could lead.

Patti (toolips123): he sells clothing

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): But, I also think she is going to think he truly cares for her

Patti (toolips123): I think she knows somewhat

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Why do you think that?

Patti (toolips123): but doesn’t care because she has different wants
well, because she accepts

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Do you all have the book Starlight & Timlight?

Patti (toolips123): she’s always carrying on about clothes and things she wants

[15:29] Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Yes, he was her means to an end so to speak

TimLight: We do not.

Everilda (everildaross): I really am not so sure she is an innocent – there is that reference to her taking his protestations of not harming her and agreeing “half truthfully”. I think she may be more calculating than Drouet

TimLight: This is our first occassion here.

[15:29] Patti (toolips123):
here is a link

TimLight: Thank you.

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): It is quite a good story and we are not too far in

Patti (toolips123): exactly Everilda
she knows to some degree, but doesn’t care
she wants something more

Everilda (everildaross): exactly

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): Stake and Mushrooms $1.25

Patti (toolips123): and wants she starts to accept money..clothes

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Well, she knew on the train that she should not be talking to him

Patti (toolips123): and an appartment

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): does she have an apartment or a room?

Patti (toolips123): would love to pay that for a steak Red! and that was a lot to her!

Everilda (everildaross): You used that quote earlier about saving hands – these should have been her family but they appear instead to be Drouet’s

Patti (toolips123): nods

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): The very end of chapter 8, he makes a comment to his friend about coming over. What do you make of that?

Everilda (everildaross): I think payment has been received and they have set up house together

Patti (toolips123): I was thinking it was for a possibility of a job
but what kind of job he has in mind, I have no idea

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): He told the landlady he was her brother, so would that not be?
About setting up house together

Patti (toolips123): he could come and go as he wanted as her brother

TimLight: Would it be said so as not to raise suspicion?

Patti (toolips123): He knew that!

Everilda (everildaross): Do you think the landlady believed him?

Patti (toolips123): and she must have known too…or why lie?
I mean Carrie

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Well, no trunk has arrived….

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): He told the landlady her trunk was being shipped or something to that effect

Patti (toolips123): yes

Everilda (everildaross): The ease with which he completed the mission suggests either he has done it before or that it was commonplace in his group of friends

Patti (toolips123): the “cosmopolitan” view perhaps

TimLight: But what of her?

Patti (toolips123): his friends live in different social circles

TimLight: Is she also complicit?

Patti (toolips123): she is to some degree I believe

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): remember when she saw an old coworker too, and how she felt

Patti (toolips123): she allows it
like she was “better” right

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Yes
That is very important to her

Sister (SisterButta) slips quietly into the room…

Patti (toolips123): Hello Sister 🙂
Have a seat and join us

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I wonder if she left her home because she expected a better life than what she left behind

Patti (toolips123): very nice 🙂
Thank you Sister
the city life?
she was rather bored of the country life

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I think she pictured a fabulous life in Chicago

Patti (toolips123): Maybe in the other corner Sister?

Everilda (everildaross): She talked about the shops in her home town and seeing things she wanted and couldn’t afford. I think she came to the city to earn money to get those things and more.

Patti (toolips123): that is somewhat in front of the stairs
looks very nice 🙂

Sister (SisterButta): ((which corner?))

Patti (toolips123): other side of the fireplace?

Sister (SisterButta): nods,….sorry to interrupt!

Patti (toolips123): oh that’s good

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): wb Starlight

StarLight (Jasmine Lordenwych): thakn you

Patti (toolips123): Welcome back Starlight 🙂

TimLight: WB star

Patti (toolips123): so I guess we all think that she is going to have to make some payment for Drouet’s help

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I do, I wonder if she thinks marriage will come of this friendship

Patti (toolips123): Hello Dilemma!

Dilemma Avro: Good night Mesdames and Messieurs

Patti (toolips123): you know I thought that too Ivy!

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I mean he obviously has money. And she wants nice things.

Patti (toolips123): he doesn’t have that much money really
but certainly more than her…she sees him as rich

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Compared to where she came from he does

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Hello Dilemma, good evening

Dilemma Avro: good evening Misted Mattews

Everilda (everildaross): What did you all think the dream signified?

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): That she is in trouble

Patti (toolips123): exactly
her sister may not show her concern because of her husband

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): Did you not find it odd, that they don’t try to look for her?

Patti (toolips123): they just kind of shrug her off don’t they

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): did it say what kind of work Minnie’s husband does?

Patti (toolips123): and my impressions is that they expect the worse

Everilda (everildaross): Oh OK I must have read too many bad 19th century novels as I thought the intimacy between Carrie and Drouet on the front step followed by the dream sequence signified something else

Patti (toolips123): Hello calendula 🙂

calendula Xue: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): What did you think Everilda?

calendula Xue: good night

Patti (toolips123): Welcome!

Everilda (everildaross): That payment had definitely been made

Patti (toolips123): nods

Patti (toolips123): ok, we are about to wrap it up for the day
any last thoughts? where do you think this is going?

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): I shall have to reread that section I think

Patti (toolips123): nods
Red, any last thoughts?

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): it is a fast moving story I fear the worst for Carrie

Patti (toolips123): nods

Everilda (everildaross): I think she’s a survivor

Patti (toolips123): oh, that’s a good thought
a taker maybe

Big Red (BigRedCoyote): good buy all I need to poof out to cook subber

Patti (toolips123): Take care Red! see you soon

Everilda (everildaross): agreed so I fear for those around her

Ivy Mathews (Ivy Schwade): She knows taking his money was wrong as she intended to give it back, but he was too persuasive and she wants all the nice things so she is easily swayed

Patti (toolips123): indeed! ok, next week chapters 9 through 12
I agree Ivy

Founders Day Weekend Festivities General Meeting 2/20 @ 6:30PM SLT

1915 Founders Day Poster

Over the weekend of March 27-29, The Town of Philomena will be hosting a Founder’s Day weekend full of festivities.  On Friday, February 20 at 6:30 PM SLT, there will be a general interest meeting at the Town Hall green hosted by Mayor Thaddeus Nadeau  Please come with ideas to share; as well as your willingness to assist in making the event happen successfully.

The meeting will be facilitated by Mayor Nadeau and the following is the tentative agenda:

1.  General Overview and purpose

2.  Procedures for guidelines and approval process (all concepts must be approved by the Mayor or a designated official).

3.  Kick off – Facilitated by Mayor Nadeau

4.  Chamber of Commerce – Ms. Calliope will facilitate this.

5.  Parade – Ms. Wells will facilitate this.

6.  Library Involvement – Ms. Toolips will facilitate this

7.  Quilts and milk jugs – Ms. Trilling will facilitate this

8.  Other weekend events – Pie contest, school tie-in, Easter Egg Hunt, giveaway boxes, church, concert, movies, music, etc

9.  Deadlines and other pertinent managerial tasks – Mayor Nadeau

Welcome Zaida!

Please join me in welcoming Zaida Gearbox home to the Town of Philomena.  Zaida will be serving as a Management Assistant within the town.  She will now be able to assist new and current renters with their rental boxes; as well as enforce the covenant and town security.

Zaida returns to Philomena from a sabbatical of sorts.  In fact, without Zaida there likely would not be a Philomena today!  Back last winter, she and I were residing in other communities when she approached me about forming a new community in Second Life.   Due to other circumstances, Zaida had to step away, but now she returns.  She is both eager and ready to assist with the town’s management.  She comes with new ideas and energy to work to support and further, and add to, the efforts of all the hard work by so many people.

Welcome home, Zaida!