Jan 10th

Today, January 10, 2015, at 2PM SLT, Ms. Lydia Fisher and Mr. Christopher Fisher of Radio Days will be presenting a concert and talk in the Philomena Park under the gazebo.

Today’s selection will be “Popular Music and Empire, 1878-1918
Jingoism and empire in popular song from MacDermot’s War Song to the end of the Great War”.

The presentation shows how popular music played a significant part both in generating military passion and in engineering public perceptions and attitudes towards the Great War; as well as providing a social and political commentary of that era.

The talk is an excerpt from a conference/concert that was prepared for the Gloucestershire local history society last October.  Due to RL, this was not done, but Philomena will benefit with an original presentation!

For a video of Radio Days’ latest performance in the real world, please check out this YouTube video for their Christmas Truce concert.

Please do come join us at the Park Gazebo at 2PM SLT today!


Nov 15th



Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to attend an Edwardian live music concert today, Saturday, at 1PM SLT in the Park Pavilion at Philomena Park. Lydia Yalin will sing Edwardian songs and Christopher Fisher will talk about The Edwardian Kitchen, the management of servants and various aspects of Edwardian times. They both constitute the music and history project Radio Days in RL and this will be their presentation in SL of their CD “The Edwardian Kitchen“.
The events proves to be both educational and entertaining. Please come to the event decked out in your nicest Edwardian garb for a fully immersive time!



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