Radio Days Concert @ 2PM SLT

As we continue to celebrate the Founders Day weekend, Radio Days will be hosting a concert and talk at the Park Pavilion.  The topic will be “Songs from Across the Pond”.  Stars of music-hall and vaudeville were routinely crossing the Atlantic for concert tours from the latter years of the 19th century. This evening we celebrate in our performance some of the great singers and songs that introduced new music to England and to America.   So get all gussied up in your best threads and come on by the Philomena Park Pavilion at 2 PM SLT this fine Palm Sunday!


Edwardians & Leisure

Do you like to be beside the sea side? About this and many more things Lydia and Christopher Fisher will be talking and singing about.  They will be doing this live tomorrow at 2PM SLT. Get your swim suits and we’ll see you in Philomena’s Gazebo!