Preparations for Trick or Treat After Dark!!

October 17th-31st is the Trick or Treat After Dark event. Jack-o-lanterns will be set on every doorstep so that anyone who comes in the hour of SL darkness can click on a jack-o-lantern and receive treats!

Group members, residents, and shop-folk can help prepare in two ways:

1. Create an image to the guidelines,, and allow us to ghostify you so that your ghostly image might wander the streets after dark and mingle with Philomena’s trick or treaters

2. Creative residents and shop-folk are welcome to create their own treats and request a “personal candy bowl” (server) to load and leave near the jack-o-lantern on their doorstep. (No worries if you aren’t feeling creative, the candy bowl in the sky will keep the treats rolling!)

Everyone else…. remember to set aside an hour of darkness (which is 1 hour of every 4 in SL) to Trick Or Treat After Dark, October 17th -31st, ’14