Huckleberry Finn Book Discussions

Ms. zaida Gearbox is picking up with the library’s weekly book discussions.  Ms. Patti Toolips, our town librarian, has been snatched to the RL, but she is still around and about; she is planning a monthly book meeting as well.

The book discussions will occur in the Philomena Library at 3PM to discuss Chapters 1-6.  The book of choice is Mark Twain’s The Adventures Huckleberry Finn.  As Ms. Gearbox points out, “he’s the scampiest of scamps.”  Therefore, it is no surprise our very of little scamp is facilitating this discussion!

You can access the book in online print form here, or listen to it here.


Virtual Pioneers Visit Philomena

At 5PM SLT this evening, Philomena will be visited by the Virtual Pioneers group.  This group of educators is dedicated to exploring how technology can enhance our understanding of history. Philomena was asked to provide a tour this evening so as to showcase how we implement real-world history into our virtual lives through architecture, social, and other ways.  Mayor Nadeau will provide the commentary while Tabbi will provide the carriage for a routed tour.  Please feel free to join us at 5PM at Town Hall where the tour shall begin.

Radio Days Concert @ 2PM SLT

As we continue to celebrate the Founders Day weekend, Radio Days will be hosting a concert and talk at the Park Pavilion.  The topic will be “Songs from Across the Pond”.  Stars of music-hall and vaudeville were routinely crossing the Atlantic for concert tours from the latter years of the 19th century. This evening we celebrate in our performance some of the great singers and songs that introduced new music to England and to America.   So get all gussied up in your best threads and come on by the Philomena Park Pavilion at 2 PM SLT this fine Palm Sunday!

Founders Day Weekend Festivities General Meeting 2/20 @ 6:30PM SLT

1915 Founders Day Poster

Over the weekend of March 27-29, The Town of Philomena will be hosting a Founder’s Day weekend full of festivities.  On Friday, February 20 at 6:30 PM SLT, there will be a general interest meeting at the Town Hall green hosted by Mayor Thaddeus Nadeau  Please come with ideas to share; as well as your willingness to assist in making the event happen successfully.

The meeting will be facilitated by Mayor Nadeau and the following is the tentative agenda:

1.  General Overview and purpose

2.  Procedures for guidelines and approval process (all concepts must be approved by the Mayor or a designated official).

3.  Kick off – Facilitated by Mayor Nadeau

4.  Chamber of Commerce – Ms. Calliope will facilitate this.

5.  Parade – Ms. Wells will facilitate this.

6.  Library Involvement – Ms. Toolips will facilitate this

7.  Quilts and milk jugs – Ms. Trilling will facilitate this

8.  Other weekend events – Pie contest, school tie-in, Easter Egg Hunt, giveaway boxes, church, concert, movies, music, etc

9.  Deadlines and other pertinent managerial tasks – Mayor Nadeau