Philomena Merchants and the AGS Hunt

I have always said that Philomena has the finest merchants on the grid.   Not only are they skillful in their creations but they are fun loving and generous with their time for town/sale events. So I would like to take this opportunity to showcase what they have contributed to  the Antique Grid Show hunt. The hunt ends on May 23rd so there is still time to grab the goodies…but not much time….get them while you can and support your Philomena Merchants !

Eclectica-Rose Tinted Glasses for the AGS Hunt AGS CDP Mens AGS CDS women AGS Spargel AGS EBDEsign AGS CB AGS CDB Philo AGS CDB Coeur AGS OT Nadeau shoppe AGS




Founder’s Day Cart Sale is Open !!

Sale4_001 edit


The Cart Sale kicks off today and only runs through Sunday night. Also, many merchants have additional sale items in their shops so be sure to make the rounds.  Get those shoes on and grab the goodies !

Merchant’s Choice and Founder’s Day Cart Sale

Just a reminder that the Merchant’s Choice this week has some new items added and will coincide with the Founder’s Day events. The merchants of Philomena are having a cart sale which runs from March 27-29. Look for the stalls around the square but be sure to visit each store to see what great creations are waiting to be carried home.  Happy Founder’s Day everyone !