Radio Days Concert @ 2PM SLT

As we continue to celebrate the Founders Day weekend, Radio Days will be hosting a concert and talk at the Park Pavilion.  The topic will be “Songs from Across the Pond”.  Stars of music-hall and vaudeville were routinely crossing the Atlantic for concert tours from the latter years of the 19th century. This evening we celebrate in our performance some of the great singers and songs that introduced new music to England and to America.   So get all gussied up in your best threads and come on by the Philomena Park Pavilion at 2 PM SLT this fine Palm Sunday!


Founders Day Speeches

The Founders Day speeches and ball were a delightful success.  Many residents came to hear Founders Zaida Gearbox and Thaddeus Nadeau deliver their speeches.  These were followed by the awarding of a token of appreciation on behalf of the residents of the town to Mayor Nadeau.  At the top of the hour DJ Maddox played delightful tunes to pass the night away.

Read here if you would like to see the Mayor’s Speech.

Read here to read zaida’s speech.

Merchant’s Choice and Founder’s Day Cart Sale

Just a reminder that the Merchant’s Choice this week has some new items added and will coincide with the Founder’s Day events. The merchants of Philomena are having a cart sale which runs from March 27-29. Look for the stalls around the square but be sure to visit each store to see what great creations are waiting to be carried home.  Happy Founder’s Day everyone !

The Herald is changing!

Our keen Herald-reading Philomenians would have already noted that their favourite newspaper is undergoing rather an upheaval of layout and content. During this process, the editor and staff encourage our readers to check back frequently for exciting additions to the paper, as well as news items being added to their respective sections as we go along. Thank you, and continue enjoying the Herald!