Welcome Zaida!

Please join me in welcoming Zaida Gearbox home to the Town of Philomena.  Zaida will be serving as a Management Assistant within the town.  She will now be able to assist new and current renters with their rental boxes; as well as enforce the covenant and town security.

Zaida returns to Philomena from a sabbatical of sorts.  In fact, without Zaida there likely would not be a Philomena today!  Back last winter, she and I were residing in other communities when she approached me about forming a new community in Second Life.   Due to other circumstances, Zaida had to step away, but now she returns.  She is both eager and ready to assist with the town’s management.  She comes with new ideas and energy to work to support and further, and add to, the efforts of all the hard work by so many people.

Welcome home, Zaida!