Our Philomena Public Library

The character of any town can be defined by it’s library; a library is a reflection of a community. It’s a portal of knowledge that is open and available to anyone and everyone. A library is a center for learning, teaching, helping and connecting. As our town grows and prospers, so will our library.

The Philomena Library already has one established event. The Vintage Book Club meets every Sunday at 3 pm and discusses the current book on a predetermined book list. Right now, we are reading Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey. A classic western from a beloved American author.

Another library event is scheduled for September 27th through October 4th. It’s the Philomena Book Fair. This is a week-long event and will consist of booths of books to explore and discover. Hand-picked books that highlight and enrich our Philomena experience. These books will also find a permanent home in our library.

The biggest event to come for our library is it’s transformation into a public repository of knowledge and enrichment. Plans are being discussed and books are being collected in the expectation of making the Philomena library an affiliate of the Alexandrian Free Library. This is a community endeavor to make our library the focal point of our town.

Philomena has great character and spirit! We are working to see that spirit reflected in our public library. Let’s make the Philomena Public Library the revered and beloved center of Philomena.