Postponed: A Day at the Races!


Do you have a horse, or do you like watching them race. Join us on Saturday, August 2 @ 10AM SLTfor a day at the races. The horse races are postponed until further notice.

Entry forms will be mailed out to those interested (see the bottom of this announcement) and should be dropped off at the Pottery Shed mail box when completed.

Thank you!

– Charles Erskine

Race Application Form – Copy and paste into a note card. Fill it out. Then, rename the card with your name.

::This is a role play event only, no money will change hands as per the TOS of SL regarding gambling.:: Historical event, please use terms in regards to the Gilded Age/Edwardian era and please dress accordingly.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three racers and a gift will be given to all who participate.

Please, only one entry per person per race. Number of races to be determined by number of participants.



Name of Horse:

Age of Horse:


-Practice runs and training are allowed at the track prior to the race. However the track will be closed five minutes prior to the race starting in order to ready the gate.

-Any rideable horse is permitted with the exception of Amaretto Breedable Horses. I would prefer all horses look as real as possible for this event. Permissible horses include ABC Breedables, AKK Ranch, Hoof It!, Dragonsfyre, Lone Star Ranch and others. A rezzer will be provided for those who do not have any horses. If you are unsure, please bring your horse for an early inspection.

-All horses must be inspected prior to the race. This will happen one hour before the event. A horse that does not meet the above requirements can be disqualified. (Ie: Amarettos)

-Racing silks, historical horseback riding clothing (habits) and other period clothing are acceptable to wear for the race, please, no modern clothes other than racing silks will be allowed.

-Horses that fly will be disqualified if they fly during the race. Most horses that have that option can be set to no fly and should be done so prior to the start of the race. We want to make this fair and fun for everyone.

-Drop all entries into the blue mailbox on the front of the Pottery Shed building. LM: Pottery Shed No entries will be accepted via inventory drop as my ims occasionally cap.

-Entries are due by Friday, August 1st to be eligible for the August 2nd Race. No entries will be accepted the day of the race.


Vintage Readers Book Club: Frankenstein

Ms. Patricia Toolips has been leading the Vintage Readers Book Club for several months now.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?!  Each Sunday at 3PM SLT, the group meets on the upper floor of the Philomenaville Library; the cozy nook at the top of the stairs.

So far, the group has sipped tea (and was that something stronger that wafted from a few tea cups?).  The group has read such timeless classics, and lesser known novels such as Bram Stoker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars, Alice Hegan Rice’s Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, and John Buchan’s The Thirty-nine Steps.  This coming Sunday, the group shall meet to discuss the first three chapters of  Mary Shelley’s timeless literary classic and masterpiece (or is it?  Come share your opinion on that matter) Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

So, stop on by and engage in some interesting discussion regarding a novel while mixing in some good ol’ fashion small town gossip! Come prepared with some points of discussion regarding the book.  All are welcome, as always; even if you didn’t get a chance to read.  This is not a role-play event, but some light Role-play is always welcome; period dress is not required, but is most certainly not dissuaded.

Your carriage ride: Philomenaville Library Book Club Corner

Grab your virtual copies of the text at the following locations:


LibriVox (Dramatic Reading)

Also, don’t miss the 1910 film:


Port Royal Musical Instruments: This is Ragtime Store Location Closing Event

Philomenaville Ragtime poster

FRIDAY 4PM SLT (ignore the time on the sign itself)

Join us in Mrs. Shilan Folger’s Musical Instrument store to hear all about the origins of this new music they call jazz and ragtime. Mrs. Folger will treat us to a short concert, and then the more bold among us may try out the strange dances – jive, swing, tap!

Port Royal Musical Instruments is closing in Philomenaville and relocating to the Old World, so come and snap up some HUGE discounts and make this a leaving to remember!

Your carriage ride awaits: Port Royal Musical Instruments

Grand Opening of the Dafthouse Bohemian Den

Tonight, Friday July 18th marks the Grand Opening Party for the Dafthouse.  The Dafthouse is a venue new to the town of Philomenaville, but most certainly not new to the grid.  Our small town has had the great fortune of having the proprietress of the establishment decide to open a new location here!

6:30PM SLT – DJ Howard Plutonian will be playing music from the future and there will be dancing.

7PM SLT – The dreamy voice of PT Beardy will be serenading us, and we can keep dancing.

Ms. Crumbles Idlemind expresses that she looks forward to meeting all the the neighbors, and show the constable what law abiding citizens she and the Dafthouse members are.


Dafthouse Bohemian Den

Philomenaville Gacha Fair Opens!

Greetings friends!


Today, the Philomenaville Gacha Fair opened in the Penny Arcade.  There are approximately ten gacha machines waiting with items for you!  Our merchants have worked hard to bring quality merchandise to this event.


Please stop by today to play.  Click this link to get the Slurl: Penny Arcade

Visit this page to see what items await you!


The event runs until August 1, so come on over and have some fun!