Town Meeting Minutes, June 25 2014

Meeting at Philomenaville Town Hall, June 25, 2014

In attendance

  • Councilor Skytower
  • Councilor Nadeau
  • Councilor Erskine
  • Constable Furlgrim
  • Mr. Philip Talisman
  • Miss Dawn Alexis

Meeting called to order 4:09 PM
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H. G. Wells is coming to town!

This is a RP event. RP is not required in Philomenaville.

Mr. Herbert George Wells, author, is making a stop in Philomenaville on his lecture tour of the state. He will speak in the library on Sunday (the 15th) at 4:00 PM SLT on “Life on Mars” and “The Future of Warfare”. The lecture is sponsored by the Philomenaville Chatauqua Society, and will include 30 minutes of lecture followed by 30 minutes of discussions.

Questions regarding this event may be posed to Mrs. MaGee (username Symmetry.Munro), president of the Philomenaville Chatauqua Society.