Fireworks Tonight! 5PM SLT

“If you have never seen one of the fireworks shows, you must try and make it to this one. Really quite mesmerizing.” Join us in the park tonight at 5PM SLT for a fireworks show to celebrate Memorial Day. They won’t last very long so don’t be late!
Philomenaville Park – Border St. Loction


Philomenaville Herald, May 25th

The Philomenaville Herald is our local newspaper, sent out via notecard to all citizens every Sunday. Here’s a transcription of our latest issue.

Town History and Information

Fictional Edwardian American small town during The Progressive years of 1901-1920. Light Role-play. Arts, entertainment, education, business, commercial, and residential.

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In front of our Town Hall, one will see displayed the Philomenaville Town Bell. This artifact is believed to be one of the many items carried by Col. Philomena into the place that is now our town, and may be a trophy of some sort from the War of 1812.

Do you know more of our town’s history? Let us know!
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