Town Hall Meeting

Recently our fair little town had it’s first Town Meeting, since Mayor Blake Panache took the reins. 😀

Quite a few topics were discussed, a few of them were…

The new Train Network and a basic run down on how to use it. The station in to the east near the Fairgrounds.

Jaiden Magic and Nathaniel Lorefield also gave a demonstration of the weather system they’ve been developing. The attendees to the meeting were treated to a light snow and a rain shower.

Mayor Panache noted that Philo will have a blanket of snow
from Thanksgiving till around the end of February. He also noted that the South Lake and North Ponds will both be freezing over for the season.

News that both a Post Office and a Police Station will soon be constructed. A reminder that Constable Fulgrim is in search of a Deputy, was also mentioned.

The Philomena Road Rally was officially launched.”

There will be a yard decorating and photo contest for Winter Holidays Season. Prizes will be given for the best yard and the best picture. More details to follow.

The idea of a 9am slt Sunday Brunch was suggested. If you’d like to host the event, please contact Mayor Panache.

Also the idea of a Gentleman’s Night was proposed. Details to be determined.

Qwis Greenwood mentioned that she’d been asked to
write a holiday story for Prim Perfect magazine. She will be using Philo as inspiration and will be using parts of the town for backdrops, pictures, and possibly cast.

Note from Mayor Panache about the future:
“The Future is hard to talk about because i just don’t know whats going to happen.”
“I have good feelings about town, and am open to all ideas and thoughts you might have.”
“But here is the thing.. I cant make everything happen as easy as the game of horse shoes.”
“I am one guy, and I need all of you.”
“I know all of you here love town as I do.”
“My hope is you can engage and make this a place, where we all really do know and like one another and, as Thad used to say, all the time make it a place where you can always say ‘Howdy neighbor.’
” I know so many of you and i like all of you.”
“And it just seems to me you all would really like each other too.”
” So, if there is anything you want to see in the future. I am willing to entertain all ideas as long as they don’t start with telling me I should do this or that.”
“Make this place, your folks, thats what I’m really trying to say.”
“Thank you.”11_8_2015 Philo Town Meeting.


The garden in which we live.

Snapshot _ Philomena Park, Bushside (57, 179, 55) - ModeratePhilomena is a town of Gardens. We have some of the most creative and nurturing gardeners here and our yards are some of the nicest and most though out landscapes in Second Life. I have wondered about this from time to time.  While it is true there are so many beautiful plants and flowers being made these days, why would folks waste those prims outside instead of using them for furnishings and so on indoors? What it seems like to me is the people want to make a beautiful place not just for themselves, but for all to enjoy. This simple behavior is symbolic of what Philomenaville is all about. Everyone selflessly tends to their small patch but when you look from a bit of a distance what we have is something greater than all of us.

This is what I love about town. We are all gardeners, but its bigger than pretty plants or manicured lawns. If you know anything about gardening you know its not just about plunking plants into the ground,  its about the love and care you give to something and the enjoyment you get from seeing what you nurture blossom, bloom, and perhaps even yield fruit. It is about sharing with others and its learning how to do things better. Its about making the world a richer and better place.

As I have stumbled through becoming Mayor I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. There have been disappointments, set backs and at least two melt downs. I’ve learned a lot and done a lot of stupid things. But one thing I know for sure is if it where not for the nurturing Gardeners of this town showing me such compassion and giving me encouragement when they had no idea how much I needed it I would have failed here for sure.

A town is nothing but the souls of its inhabitants. It seems I have fallen in love with Philomena. She is a beautiful complex soul and I am lucky to have her.

Philomena Merchants and the AGS Hunt

I have always said that Philomena has the finest merchants on the grid.   Not only are they skillful in their creations but they are fun loving and generous with their time for town/sale events. So I would like to take this opportunity to showcase what they have contributed to  the Antique Grid Show hunt. The hunt ends on May 23rd so there is still time to grab the goodies…but not much time….get them while you can and support your Philomena Merchants !

Eclectica-Rose Tinted Glasses for the AGS Hunt AGS CDP Mens AGS CDS women AGS Spargel AGS EBDEsign AGS CB AGS CDB Philo AGS CDB Coeur AGS OT Nadeau shoppe AGS



Introducing Philomena’s New Owners

Howdy neighbors!

Earlier today, I announced the closing of Philomena. I was excited to find there was interest in continuing the town’s vision when approached by Blake Panache and Selena Anansai with their interest in taking taking Philomena into its future.  Both of these individuals have been members of our community and assisted in building homes in the town.  They know the town and the people well.  They are really great candidates for moving the town forward with an understanding of what makes it work and how the people of the town are passionate about where they live, work, and play.

Please join me in welcoming the Town of Philomena’s new owners!

The transition of Philomena will take the next few weeks with the projected date of May 31. Please do be patient as they work hard to transition the town.

Philomena Closing Announcement

Pleas read the document found at the link provided here for the details.  Please keep in mind this was not an easy decision, but one that must be made.

Thank you to all who have helped to shape and make the town a wonderful place on the grid with your energy and creativity.

Antique Grid Show Starts!

Tha Antique Grid Show Spring 10L hunt runs May 9-23.  Ms. Saraphen Calliope has worked tirelessly to organize and promote this wonderful antique-themed event and resurrect it from my pile of forgotten ashes since taking over as mayor of Philomena.

AGS, as we fondly refer to it, passes through the fair town of Philomena for multiple stops and at the out of town locations of several of our town’s merchants.  For further details, please visit the Antique Grid Show blog.  You can also join the in-world group.  Just search up “Antique Grid Show”.

Happy Hunting!

Huckleberry Finn Book Discussions

Ms. zaida Gearbox is picking up with the library’s weekly book discussions.  Ms. Patti Toolips, our town librarian, has been snatched to the RL, but she is still around and about; she is planning a monthly book meeting as well.

The book discussions will occur in the Philomena Library at 3PM to discuss Chapters 1-6.  The book of choice is Mark Twain’s The Adventures Huckleberry Finn.  As Ms. Gearbox points out, “he’s the scampiest of scamps.”  Therefore, it is no surprise our very of little scamp is facilitating this discussion!

You can access the book in online print form here, or listen to it here.

Virtual Pioneers Visit Philomena

At 5PM SLT this evening, Philomena will be visited by the Virtual Pioneers group.  This group of educators is dedicated to exploring how technology can enhance our understanding of history. Philomena was asked to provide a tour this evening so as to showcase how we implement real-world history into our virtual lives through architecture, social, and other ways.  Mayor Nadeau will provide the commentary while Tabbi will provide the carriage for a routed tour.  Please feel free to join us at 5PM at Town Hall where the tour shall begin.

Radio Days Concert @ 2PM SLT

As we continue to celebrate the Founders Day weekend, Radio Days will be hosting a concert and talk at the Park Pavilion.  The topic will be “Songs from Across the Pond”.  Stars of music-hall and vaudeville were routinely crossing the Atlantic for concert tours from the latter years of the 19th century. This evening we celebrate in our performance some of the great singers and songs that introduced new music to England and to America.   So get all gussied up in your best threads and come on by the Philomena Park Pavilion at 2 PM SLT this fine Palm Sunday!

Founders Day Speeches

The Founders Day speeches and ball were a delightful success.  Many residents came to hear Founders Zaida Gearbox and Thaddeus Nadeau deliver their speeches.  These were followed by the awarding of a token of appreciation on behalf of the residents of the town to Mayor Nadeau.  At the top of the hour DJ Maddox played delightful tunes to pass the night away.

Read here if you would like to see the Mayor’s Speech.

Read here to read zaida’s speech.